Melrose District | Midtown Phoenix, Arizona

Saturday, March 18, 2023


Blue VET mobile lockers are the official bag check of Pride Run Phoenix, so make sure you build bag storage into your race day plan for the convenience of it!

Starting at 5 AM, you will find the Blue Vet mobile locker Bag Check station located near packet pickup and onsite registration. Look for the Blue VET truck and store your stuff.  Then pick up your things by the end of the event.


Before Event – Online calendar providing the event/location attendance. Pre-event online locker reservation based on the event location.

During Event – Pre-event check-in. Onsite locker rentals without reservation are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Credit card and cash transactions are available. Employee and video surveillance monitored locker protection. Small clairvoyant plastic bags are also available for purchase for venues with established clear-bag policies.

After Event – No mandatory check-out required. Mail/shipping services provided for property not retrieved before the close of business (renter financially responsible)

A donation of the event’s proceeds will be provided to the RaceLookup Foundation for the sole purpose of aiding its mission of Inclusion | Diversity | Equality | Acceptance.

Four locker sizes are available with a touch-pad lock requiring a 4-digit code entered and known only by the renter.