Boardwalk, Atlantic City, New Jersey
(By Bally’s Atlantic City Hotel & Casino)

Saturday, September 9, 2023



Skateboards, skates, bicycles, wagons, and the like are not allowed. Pets are also not permitted.

Running chairs, handcycles, sports wheelchairs, prostheses, walkers, canes, and sports strollers are allowed. When planning to use a running chair, handcycle, sports wheelchair, prosthesis, walker, cane, or sports stroller, select it during race registration or add it later through change requests.

When needing to participate with an approved service dog, contact us to make this request.

Personal information

Register using a cell phone number, not a landline, and your email address to receive notifications on race day and a participant feedback survey.

Validate the information in your registration confirmation at the time of receipt and on the results monitors on race day or online immediately following your completion of the race paying particular attention to gender, birth date, age group division, and the spelling of your name.

Always make sure your information is accurate, including taking steps to transfer your race entry to someone else when needed.

Making mistakes during registration, including registering other participants with inaccurate information, cause errors on race day unless you take the necessary steps to identify and correct them.

Participating with inaccurate information in your race entry, such as gender and birth date, or participating as someone else, affects everyone, not just you.

To correct a discrepancy in your race entry or transfer it, go to change requests, or you can request changes onsite during pre-packet pickup and registration or on race day during packet pickup and registration.

If you identify a discrepancy in your race entry upon completing the race, go to the timing station near the finish line to have it reviewed for correction. If results are closed, contact us requesting a review.

Correctly wearing your bib

Correctly wearing your bib will help ensure accurate reads as you cross timing points and ultimately provide a recordable timing result. It will also help make sure a race crew member does not stop you while on the course due to not correctly displaying your bib.

Always place your bib on your front torso unobstructed. Alternatively, it is okay to attach your bib to an upper thigh facing forward. Please do not put it anywhere on your backside or where it is hidden.

Do not bend the timing chip or remove the foam tape on the backside of the bib covering the timing chip. In addition to helping ensure timing chip reads, the foam tape also helps prevent moisture from getting onto the timing chip from sweat or rain. Keep your bib away from liquid.

If needed, safety pins are available at onsite registration to help you attach your bib to your clothing.

Race category

You may not participate in any race category where you are not registered—view change requests for details and complete the transfer request.

Deactivating your bib

If you have secured your bib, have it with you on race day, and have decided not to participate, make sure you have gone to the timing station to have the bib deactivated. Not doing so can cause your bib to read, placing you into race results as participating in error and affect the result placements and awards of those who did the race. Similarly, please do the same for anyone else’s bib you have when they are not participating.

If you start the race and do not complete the full course, make sure you go to the timing station to have your bib deactivated. Not doing this can place you into race results in error and affect the result placements and awards of those who did complete the race.

Race shirt

When offered, we do our best to forecast the sizes of the race shirts, they are not guaranteed.


When offered, swag bags are available while supplies last. Swag bags have a mixture of goodies inside from multiple sources. Your registration does not guarantee Swag, and content may vary from bag-to-bag.


If you or someone you are observing needs medical assistance, please notify a race crew member. If you believe you or someone else may be experiencing a life-threatening emergency, call 911 immediately and inform a race crew member.

Water stations

Water will be available at the start and finish. No water station is available on the course, plan accordingly.


There are restrooms located at Bally’s where Mountain Bar is located on the boardwalk near the start, finish, and expo. There also are public restrooms along the boardwalk.

Bag check

Make race day a breeze by checking all that gear instead of lugging it with you. Though we will protect your belongings as if they were our own, we cannot accept liability for lost, stolen, or damaged items. Find bag check with packet pickup and onsite registration.

Participant food & beverage

While supplies last, light refreshments will be available to 10K and 5K participants at the refreshment table before and after the race.

Bringing guests or participating with friends and family

Bring your friends and family with you as your cheerleading squad, and if your friends and family are participating with you, consider creating a team during race registration. View teams for more details.